Welcome to the world of Cookieland!

It is a land full of delicious tastes that sweeten your every moment. Cookieland is home to a wide range of fluffy cookies, delicious sweets, savory treats and yummy beverages to satisfy any occasion and taste.

In our workshop we are constanty kneading, baking, cooking and preparing for you the freshest treats that will make your day. Cookies of every kind, classic, filled, soft, low calorie and many more are available for you to try. Creamy, fruity, chocolatey, syrupy sweets fill our display every day for your pleasure. At Cookieland your will always find the freshest ideas and the purest ingredients!

Come take a break from your day at our store at Ermou street and relax at our tables with your favourite beverage, sweet or snack. Visit our workshop at Zografou or store at Ermou and take your favorite tastes to go or share them with your friends. We’ll be happy to meet you!

Cookieland is always there to add flavour to the special moments in your life. We provide a full range of catering services for weddings, baptisms, birthdays, inaugurations/openings and corporate events.

We use the highest quality, freshest and tastiest products to consistently and creatively create with you the menu of your dreams.

Additionally, we create for you the most innovative, custom-made cookies and desserts. Give us your order and we’ll make sure your every special moment is a tasty one.

Ermou & Kapnikareas 3
T: 211 0121416, F: 211 0121417

Papadiamantopoulou 150
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